Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hidden gems of the South Chilcotins

The South Chilcotin Mountain Park has much to offer. It is full of places from where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, full of physical challenges and opportunities to observe wildlife and has many amazing hidden “gems” waiting for it's explorers.
One of these “gems” are the rock walls that can be found in several locations which are covered in 50million year old fossils. We love to take our guests to one of the spots close to Spruce Lake, where you can stand face to face with these relics of old times, when the rocks still were part of the ocean ground before they got lifted 1600 and more meters above sea level. They lie now exposed to wind and weather and it is only a question of time of long we will be able to enjoy their prospect.

Nevertheless our horses are not very impressed by them. Or not anymore. They have their own humour and the only thing they can is see and think of is eating! Can you believe it? :)

Here is one of our horses, Pika, happily eating away.


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