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Studying English as a foreign language - The Story of Andre and Luca

Andre first found out about the ESL program here at Chilcotin through the Internet. He did a lot of research looking for places to study English as a foreign language, and he chose Chilcotin Holidays as it had everything he was looking for: an amazing ESL program, being surrounded by nature, and of course, our horses. Andre has been here a month now and he's experienced everything he was looking for and more! One of his favorite memories here was going to the Rodeo nearby. It was a new experience for Andre, where he not only had English lessons on the go, but he was able to use his new vocabulary at the rodeo. He experienced a new culture, and as he described, it was an “amazing atmosphere.”

When asking Andre to describe a typical day he was lost for words. He said there is no such thing as a typical day here. Yes, he has English lessons 5 times a week but aside from that Andre is out learning even more than just English. He's learned how to shoe and pack horses, spent his weekends fishing and camping and was able to go on a pack trip with our guide school out into the mountains, where he saw an abundance of wildlife including a grizzly bear and a herd of mountain goats.

A fellow ESL student named Luca arrived at the ranch four weeks ago from Switzerland and he found out about the ESL course from his aunt Mirta. She had mentioned it and Luca thought that it would be an excellent opportunity to study English as a foreign language at such a unique place. When I asked whether he could describe a typical day here at the ranch, Luca told me that every day differs and that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day. Usually, he has 3 hours of English class in the morning and in the afternoon there are many activities to do such as: fishing, horse riding, bareback horse riding, target shooting, archery, and hiking. He has also helped to fix things around the ranch and many cars have been repaired with Luca’s great help!

Before Luca came to the ranch he had never ridden a horse, so it was a fantastic experience for him to learn how to ride, pack and shoe a horse. He could even join a 5 day pack trip on the Chilcotin Mountains where he had a great view of the mountains and saw grizzly bears for the first time! His best memory so far was the rodeo near Alkali Lake and the Pow-wow in Kamloops where he has seen native bands dancing, singing and playing drums. Luca has had a great time at the ranch and therefore has this special thank you message for his aunt:

"Thank you Aunt Mirta for telling me about this ranch, and a happy 70th birthday!" love Luca


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