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Chilcotin Meadows Brimming with Wildflowers – New Organized Hiking Trip

The breathtaking scenery of an alpine meadow filled with wildflowers is one of those must sees for every outdoor enthusiast. Right now, the sidehills around Spruce Lake are covered in a soft yellow glow from the balsa root – this is one of the first wildflowers to bloom in the South Chilcotin Mountain ranges.
Throughout the area’s different mountain elevations, over 150 species of wildflowers will cover thousands of hectares of meadows and side hills in a brilliant display of flowers from May to September. Be sure to check out Chilcotin Holidays new walking and organized hiking trip into the wildflower meadows of the South Chilcotin Mountains at our new website.

On our new wildflower meadow organized hiking trip, our trained licensed guides will take you into the remote areas of the South Chilcotin Mountain where the wildflower meadows are in full bloom. From June to September, the Chilcotin Mountain ranges are transformed into brilliant displays of colours ranging from subtle pastels to fiery reds and purples – a botanist’s paradise. Between June and September, choose a trip according to the month that best suits your flora interests.

June is the time when the balsa root first starts to bloom. With the coming of spring, brings the bold and bright colours from the first wildflowers marking the passing of the winter snow. Similarly, animals are preparing for the birth of their young and black, brown, and grizzly bears are feasting on new alpine grasses after months of being in hibernation, offering many wildlife viewing opportunities from the alpine meadows. A hiking trip you will never forget!

July and the warmer weather encourages more wildflowers to flourish carpeting the higher elevations. Given the elevation level, spring arrives in the alpine in July as the snow line recedes up the mountain slopes with wildlife following close behind.

August is when all southern mountain aspects are in full bloom in the subalpine and alpine zones. A truly spectacular display of flowers beckons.

September brings the pinnacle of spring/summer blooms on the north slopes of the Chilcotin Mountains. At the same time, the first dusting of snow appears around mid-September providing a unique overlap of spring, summer, and fall – all at once!For more details on our hill walking, hiking trip, and trekking vacations in British Columbia’s South Chilcotin Mountains, visit our new website. Contact us by email or phone, or complete our online Inquiry Form so we can customize an organized hiking trip to suit your needs.


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