Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Esl reading - horses of course!

Riding horses is a fascinating topic in our Esl reading Wilderness classes, because after you learn about them, you go outside and ride them! Of course, we take you through all the safety precautions first so you will enjoy your ride and keep you and your horse safe.
Our esl reading material covers how to act around horses, what to expect from them, how to saddle a horse, how to get on, and how to ride safely along a wilderness trail.
We even teach you how to shoe a horse, feed them, tie them to a post, hobble them in the bush, and take care of their health.
Before riding out on the mountain trails, we ensure you know how to ride and control your horse by practicing in our gymkhana ring, where you will be given riding instruction by a qualified instructor. We have you ride around barrels and over logs, turn the horses this way and that way, stop and go, all while checking how you sit in the saddle, hold the reins, and use your legs and feet. Horse riding is just one of the exciting adventures that can happen at the ESL Wilderness Ranch.


About Unknown

We are a licensed guide outfitter and we conduct guided wilderness adventures throughout our 5,000 square km operating area. This guide area has been operational since 1880, making it the oldest in British Columbia. More about us HERE.

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