Saturday, April 30, 2016


Ashley's Spring Time Chilcotin Wildlife Viewing Adventure

I had the privilege of accompanying an avid hunter (Franco) from Chilcotin Holidays in my first week of working here on a fun Wildlife Viewing drive. It was quite hot that day so we left a little later than planned in hopes that the animals would come out once it cooled off a little bit. We drove on the outskirts of Carpenter Lake scouting the vast array of wildlife that the Chilcotin Mountains had to offer in land, air and water. Not even five minutes into our drive our vehicle was enticed to stop due to a mule deer who was moseying across the road without a care in the world that we were there. The area around Chilcotin Holidays has so many deer in and around the property you are almost guaranteed to see some!!! We also got to see several female bighorn sheep and some of their adorable little babies. We also saw a male bighorn sheep as well (you can tell the difference due to the size, width and curl of their horns.) Franco was very knowledgeable in ways to spot the very camouflaged animals such as; looking for fallen rocks on the road, or if you see dust flying up there is a good chance you may just spot an animal too. We also stopped to admire a bald eagle and the giant nest she created. We were told later on in the summer if we went back we should be able to see her babies :) It was interesting to see what was hiding at the bottom of the lake with the lake being so low this time of year and the pretty patterns it left on the shore. I can't wait to go back in a month or so when it is full and all the flowers have bloomed. We drove for approx. 3 hours towards Lillooet stopping quite often to take a look around with the binoculars and each corner we turned it seemed to just get more beautiful than the last. Hopefully we will see a grizzly bear or cougar on our next expedition, which I learned were also some very popular animals prowling this beautiful mountainous paradise.


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