Thursday, April 14, 2016


Improvised Hairdresser at the ranch

Here at the Chilcotin Holiday ranch everything is an adventure, even the most common thing that you would normally do at home by just walking out your house or driving ten minutes to the city. We live two hours away from the closest town, which means two hours from all kind of facilities like a simple hairdresser. So what can you do when you need a haircut to be able to see clear again without your hair coming over your eyes all the time.

Ask one of your colleagues of course! You could try to do it yourself too, but the result might be even worse than trusting one of your mate! So you take your chance and ask around who would be the best choice or who already cut hair before. That’s luck someone already did! Me on my brother twice or three times!

Let’s do it then. Let me think what’s the best way to do it without making a mess; of course there is no special hairdresser chair to sit on with nice clean flour easy to sweep after. So you think that a good choice would be the bathtub, the hairdresser sitting on the edge and the client sitting in the bathtub so all the hair would stay and then you can gather them and throw them away, and the remaining hairs could be rinsed away.

After more than half an hour of scissors and razors, surprisingly it’s not too bad, it even looks nice.

Only problem is all the mess in the bathtub. So because we know that the hair will blocked the siphon, we took the most of it out but it’s seems that it wasn’t enough because after the two first showers, the siphon is blocked!

A note for the next time, do it outside sitting on a chair, it will work as good and you don’t worry about the mess ! Oh and did I tell you it was the first time I used a razor? No? Never mind then.


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