Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Scenic Wildlife Viewing

From Monday to Thursday it is possible to go scouting or wildlife viewing around Carpenter Lake. It is pretty interesting to drive with someone who knows so much about the animals that are located in this area. We left the ranch around 4:30pm driving towards the Carpenter Lake. It was sunny and quite warm. I liked just looking outside the window and feeling the fresh air blow by. We reached the lake, a huge water reservoir of the Bridge River Power Project. We stopped from time to time to check our surroundings and if there is any wildlife, however, we never seemed to have that much luck. Even though we first didn't seem to find any animals I was still amazed by the vast valley and mountains. The silence was the most interesting part as weird as it might sound. It was almost deafening and the whole situation had a very eery feeling. I started to feel really small and unimportant at that moment. As we drove on we suddenly saw a few rocks on the streets and as luck would have it we found a small herd of Bighorn Sheep. They bolted off quite quickly when they saw our car coming closer though. Those were not the only sightings we had this day. From very far away on the other side of the lake we could observe Mountain Goats climbing the sides of the mountains through our binoculars.

We stopped right by the lake to eat our little dinner and there was that silence again. The water was motionless and there was no wind. On our way back we saw the most amazing sunset. It was fiery red and illuminated the lake. As a photographer it is impossible to drive past such a scene and not take a picture of it. Even if in the end we didn't see a ton of wildlife, we at least saw a few species and the landscapes were the most amazing part. I learned a lot about the area and its inhabitants. I had an amazing experience and hope that I can go on a wildlife viewing trip again and maybe next time I will be lucky enough to see a bear and if not I'll enjoy the amazing scenery again.


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