Saturday, April 23, 2016


The Tents

With it slowly getting warmer each and every day the time has come to move into the tents. Even if not everybody might agree with it, it still has to be done.

The tents are actually pretty neat. They are big, so big that you can stand in them. You have two beds with real mattresses and even more space for additional furniture. Nonetheless, they are still tents and it's still quite cold at night. When moving-day arrived I already had quite a few things planned so at 8pm I could finally grab all my stuff and make my way to the tents. I felt a little bit like a pack horse because I thought it would be better to just carry everything than going twice. Luckily, I am alone in a tent so far so I had enough space to get all my things sorted out. However, being alone also means sleeping alone through the dark night. First I had to figure out how many layers of clothes I should wear. I took every pullover out of the suitcase and put them next to me in case I needed to quickly grab one in the middle of the night. I had at least two layers of everything on and I was ready to go to bed. I slipped into my first rather thin sleeping bag and closed that one, it already felt very tight but I had one more to go. My second sleeping bag is big but after I slid into that one too and closed it I knew I would not be able to move around anymore. So, I just lay down and tried to sleep. I have to say, I didn't feel very cold that night but still very uncomfortable. Even though I shouldn't have, I turned myself around to get into a more comfortable sleeping position which just made everything worse. In the morning my legs even hurt a little bit because they were tense throughout the whole night. I knew I couldn't continue sleeping like that. The next night I used both bags like a blanket. This time I could move perfectly fine but whenever I woke up the big sleeping bag was half-way off the bed and I was cold. I will have to figure something out for the coming nights but by the end of my stay I will have hopefully found a good method.


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