Monday, May 2, 2016

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Bear Banger

Here at the ranch, we receive a bear safety orientation before we go out for a hike, a ride or any other outside activity. We are shown two different technics. Bear spray which is like a big and strong pepper spray and bear banger which looks like a pen with a bullet that you screw on it. The bear banger is used when the bear is still far from you, around 100 meters and when it shows an aggressive intention towards you.

The bear banger is a small explosive object designed to produce a large amount of noise, in the form of a loud bang. It is like a small firework and it is meant to be thrown in front of the bear to scare him away from you. The very important thing is to aim right, because if you target behind the bear, it will make it run even faster towards you.

The banger is made out of two pieces, the launcher and the cartridge. To put them together, you have to secure the launcher and then screw the banger on it. The launcher has a small trigger that you need to pull back to fire. It sounds very simple but when a Grizzly is running towards you, screwing these to pieces together could become the most difficult thing ever.

During our orientation, one of us could have a try and show the rest of the staff how a bear banger works and what are the effects. The target chosen to replace the bear was an old wheelbarrow that didn't move. So you must concentrate because everyone looks a you and you want to hit the target. You aim and press the trigger and.... miss the target. The banger lands just behind the wheelbarrow. Lucky for us it was not a bear or it would just have run directly on us even faster because pushed by the noisy banger behind him. The best thing is to try to aim on the ground in front of the bear and not aiming to high, it might go over the bear and not be any help for you.

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