Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Hashtag no filter – Photography Tour

Have you ever returned home from a holiday and noticed that your photos of a particular area all seem to have a distinct flavor and color palette? In all the places I've traveled to, especially those that I have photographed in detail, I've seen that certain cities, landscapes, even countries seem to embody particular colors hues. The gunmetal grey skies and charcoal cliffs of the Scottish coastline, the rust red sands of outback Australia, or the bleach white stones and azure seas of a Mediterranean fishing village. As I picture each region in my mind, these are the colors that spring to mind. The pictures that line my walls and fill my SD cards all bare homage to the natural color scheme of each destination.

I have been lucky enough to arrive in the South Chilcotin Mountain Park on the cusp of seasons, at a time when the wilderness has begun to emerge from it's Winter sleep. The change of season is now in full swing and recently I have been witness to the birth of an entirely new visual landscape. The thick blanket of crisp white snow I had come to associate with the ranch has now melted and given way instead to a blanket of lush green grass, dotted with textbook yellow dandelions.

I'm not sure whether it is the abundance of natural light that comes with the ever lengthening. Spring days, the crispness of the unpolluted air or the seemingly endless skies, whatever it is, somehow, the colors of the landscape all appear magnified here. There is a richness to each shade of green, a vibrancy that is begging to be captured on film (or in pixels as they say these days). Driving along the lengths of Carpenter Lake towards the semi ghost town of Goldbridge, I am astounded to see the almost fluorescent green of the fresh growth of the Aspen; the young leaves creating highlights against the deeper tones of the mature fir trees.

Arriving at the first stop on our photography tour we descend from the roadside to walk amongst the abandoned ruins of a hand built wooden house. The dappled light falling through the trees onto the timber skeleton creates an eery yet calm atmosphere as we make our way silently around it's perimeter. The starkness of the exposed wood is in perfect contrast to the delicate green of the overgrown forest surrounding us and the rusted remnants of past tenants are the perfect focal points for a number of our shots. The sound of shutters opening and closing and the intensity with which our small group works tells me that many hours will be spent after our trip scrolling through screens trying to chose our new favorite shots, cementing in our memories the ever vivid colors of the Chilcotin Mountains.

Chilcotin Holidays

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We are a licensed guide outfitter and we conduct guided wilderness adventures throughout our 5,000 square km operating area. This guide area has been operational since 1880, making it the oldest in British Columbia. More about us HERE.

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