Sunday, May 22, 2016


Hike to Lover's Bluff

I made the hike to Lover's Bluff! Now I can proudly say that I know what it represents and what a wonderful point of view is offered to our eyes when we achieve it.

One of the reasons I came to this place is to experience wilderness and I was looking forward to some hikes and rides. Here, I had a lot of opportunities doing amazing ones – at least in my eyes, as a Belgian city girl. One of the best hikes was the one to lover's Bluff. At first I though it was just a simple trail as the others I already did around the ranch. Even when some other interns were mentioning that it was a little bit hard and steep I was thinking “well ok, it will be fine, I am not the fittest person but I have already achieved big hikes”. The first time I did the hike to Lover's Bluff I realized it was more complicated than I thought as it was steep straight from the beginning and all the way up. Following two others interns that are really fit, I find myself out of breath in five minutes, trying to keep their pace. It was just too quick for me. Do not overestimate yourself! After 10 minutes I decided that if I wanted to complete the hike, I had to spare my strengths. As soon as I decided to stop trying to follow a pace that was not mine, I felt better and could enjoy the exercise of the hike. Yes, it was really steep, but when I was taking my time it was not that hard. Everybody needs to find their own way of achieving it. And actually the second time I did it, it was much more easy as I knew what to expect.

After a long part uphill you reach a portion of the trail that is in the shadow most of the time and where the snow melts much slower than anywhere else! We had to go through 15 cm of snow in the middle of April. That was really fun as it is more snow that what we have in Belgium in the middle of winter! Moreover it was really interesting because in the snow, footprints of animals are easily observable. We saw a very big wolf footprint. I did not imagine that wolf were so big! That was really exciting! The advantage of this hike is that, as it is so steep all the time, you quickly get some altitude and with altitude comes beautiful point of views! At the top, after a turn in the forest, we finally arrived in an open area at the edge of the mountain where we could contemplate an amazing panorama, all the way through the valley with the ranch below, between the trees. It was exactly why I went in Canada, to live experiences and see landscapes like this!


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