Friday, May 6, 2016

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Julie Witness Evenings

Some years ago, a girl named Julie came to Chilcotin Holidays to work and improve her skills here at the ranch. However, she didn’t manage to set herself plans and goals for her time here. In order to get an overview about her mind and the possibilities provided in this place, she decided that twice a month, she would inform her co-workers about her struggles and achievements of the past two weeks and what she planned on doing for the upcoming fortnight. That way, the co-workers helped achieving her goals and were also given the opportunity to join.

With time, seeing Julie’s significant improvement, everyone else started to share their experiences and goals.

Some years passed and every Thursday evening, all the staff come together to contemplate their stay at the ranch and about how to profit the most from its opportunities.

We’re having a cup of tea after dinner and settling down in the cozy living room of the ranch house, thinking about today’s impressions and slowly calming down. As a new member of staff arrived during the week, the Julie Witness story is retold.

After that, everyone gets the chance to update the others about their week. We tell each other how long we’ve been on the ranch so far, why we decided to come here and what motivates us to stay. We mention our first time experiences of the week, which may be big things like riding a horse for the first time in life or smaller, yet still exciting experiences like baking cookies with a previously unknown recipe. Further, we report our successes and failures and what we’ve learned from them and also what lesson about leadership we learnt from one of the other staff members. Then we may share something that bothered or amazed us, or an inspiring quote or book that we know of.

Then we submit our goals for the upcoming week. What I personally like about this, is that we can see if there are people with similar goals, so we can make plans on how to achieve them together and whether the more experienced staff may take the time to introduce the new ones to a certain topic, which I really appreciate.

Everyone profits from it and referring back to Julie, she managed to achieve her goals and did great things here at the ranch. She even came up with the idea of establishing English courses for people who want to learn the language in touch with nature rather than sitting in a classroom all day long. That way, the ESL (English as a Second Language) courses were born and people from all over the world come to profit from it.

Chilcotin Holidays

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