Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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My First Time Riding Western Style

Actually, it was not my first time riding specifically western style, but rather riding a horse at all. As someone who is allergic to both hay and horses, I never really bothered spending time around them. When I was told that the volunteer position I offered involved spending my days on a ranch with horses, I was rather wary of the image I had in mind at first. However, I packed my bags for my trip to Canada, kind of looking forward to the challenge that would await me, making sure I carried enough allergy medication for my stay here at Chilcotin Holidays.

Arriving at the ranch, the literally first thing I did was, who would have guessed, chasing horses in order to feed them afterwards. Hurrying up to get things done, I forgot to take my medication, leaving me with a running nose and watery eyes after my first encounter with the horses and rolling the hay bale.

Some days later, I got my riding orientation and it was explained to me how to saddle a horse properly, which actually took way longer than I had expected. However, I eventually made it with a little help from my staff members and we were ready to give it a try.

At first, we were informed about safety instructions and were able to practice guiding our horse on the ranch’s pasture before heading to Pearson’s lookout. In order to “start” my horse, I was supposed to kick it in the belly with my heels, leaving me afraid that I would hurt it, but the saddle parts apparently dulled the impact. After some time, I was somehow able to give the horse directions and we were prepared to go.

The ride to Pearson’s lookout was steeper than what I had expected of a first ride, but it was smoother than I thought and arriving at the bluff, we had a beautiful view over the valley.

On our way back, we didn’t ride the horses in order to spare their knees.

When we returned and relieved the horses from the saddles, I was pleasantly surprised about the joy of experiencing the ranch’s surroundings by horse and I was already looking forward to the rides to come.

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