Saturday, May 7, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

On The Road Again

It was the first time I left the ranch by car since I came here to Chilcotin Holidays. It’s not like I missed it or anything, au contraire, I really appreciate the fact that we don’t depend on cars most of the time and rather explore the surroundings by foot or horse. So there we were, driving down the road to Carpenter Lake. After the first turn, we already came across four deer and soon after passing Mowson Pond, a steep road led us down to Carpenter Lake, allowing us to get an overview of its mesmerizing landscape.

It was the first time I saw Carpenter Lake, mainly because I initially came here at night so I was even more amazed by its beauty consisting of milky, blue to green water, lined with forests that climb their way up to the tree line, leaving the snowy mountain tops in a light mist. Little creeks flowing into the partly dry lake basin, meandering into the low level water.

After several kilometers on the dusty, rugged Carpenter Lake Road, we could see a few bighorn sheep on the steep slopes. Every once in a while, our guide stopped to sneak a peek at the other side of the lake in the hope of seeing a black bear, as they are likely to reside there at dusk. However, this evening, no bear seemed to be in the mood of having a rendezvous with us.

So we drove on, sometimes fast, sometimes rather slow, leaving us more time to be on the look-out for further bighorn sheep and deer.

When we arrived at the turning point, we waited for dusk, as this is the time of the day when wildlife reveal themselves. We drove down a small gravel path that headed to the shore of Carpenter lake, making it possible for me to use the waiting time to take some pictures.

With nightfall, we hit the road again. On our way back, we were able to see a bald eagle, which amazed me because I had never seen one before. Going further, we came across a herd of bighorn sheep again that made their way up the hill as they saw us. The last wildlife we saw that evening were some deer near Mowson Pond.

When we arrived at the ranch again, I contently fell asleep, wondering what adventures the following day would bring.

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