Friday, May 13, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

Open Barrel Racing

Today Chilcotin Holidays had a chance to visit an authentic, ruraly First Nations rodeo. Everyone piled into the shuttle van to head for the Deadman's Creek Rodeo near Cache Creek. There was an underlying current of excitement; for some it would be the first time they had seen a rodeo. After the long drive, the van erupted in outright excitement as we all had our first glances of the rodeo. Horses everywhere, tacked and ready for an exciting event. 

For the open barrel racing event at the Deadman's Creek Rodeo, any adult interested and equipped with a horse could participate. I've been to many rodeos and like most others, I liked that the rodeo here was with an encouraging atmosphere. Despite entries of all skill levels in the same event, there was just as much, if not more, support for the new racers as the pro ones.

It's amazing to watch the skill that the seasoned horses have; the way they switch gaits mid stride for the second turn, the way they lean into the turn to execute it on a dime. You can see that many horses are just as into the sport as their riders. Sometimes you can even tell that of the horse-rider pair, the horse is the one that knows what it's doing. Often learners will be started on a seasoned horse so that the horse can teach the rider, but you have to be careful about doing this. The reason was seen by all today. One rider strained to hold her horse back as it raced towards the barrel as it was trained to do and all the girl could do was hold on for dear life as the horse steered itself sharply around the first barrel. The horse exploded out of the turn to race for the next one and, as the barrel approached and the horse geared down smartly for the turn, the quick adjustments were one too many for the young rider. After a long struggle to stay upright (although somewhat sideways) in the saddle, the girl conceded to make a safe exit. Landing gracefully on her feet, she did what all good Cowboys (and -girls) do; she climbed back on. With reaffirmed determination, the girl and horse expertly maneuvered around the last barrel and across the finish line. Although this may be entertaining for the audience, it's not always effective (or safe) for the horse or rider. But as the rodeo wrapped up and everyone walked away unharmed, it was a successful day in the end.

Chilcotin Holidays

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