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Out of the classroom, into the wild

Here at Chilcotin Holidays we have an extensive ESL (English as a Second Language) program. Our students spend part of their day in the classroom studying and the rest of their time is spent joining in on various ranch and wilderness activities. These experiences are essential in helping to develop their language skills and create an opportunity to practice what they have learnt in the classroom. Recently our students went on a wildlife viewing adventure and all three were lucky enough to see a Black Bear. Drawing on their sighting as inspiration, our current students have each shared their stories below:

Philipp's Story

It was 5pm when we met with Franco to go wildlife viewing. We drove from the ranch along the shore of Carpenter Lake. We were looking along the escarpment for Bighorn Sheep and Black Bears. The first animal that we saw was a Bald Eagle. We drove on and for a long time saw nothing until a person said, 'Up there is a Bighorn Sheep!' and we saw five Bighorn Sheep. Franco showed us a place where he had seen Mountain Goats last time, and they were back! We saw six Mountain Goats there. After that we drove to the end of the route. Franco showed us where he had seen a Black Bear the day before, but we didn't see anything there. At the end of the route we had a break and ate a small dinner and then drove back. We drove not two minutes when we saw a Black Bear 80 meters away from us. The bear was powerful and nice to see. It was the first time in my life that I had seen a bear in nature. We watched the bear for 5 minutes and then a car came and frightened the bear and he ran to the lake. We drove extra close to the edge of the road, because we wanted to see him again and then 500 meters further ahead, the bear crossed the street and ran into the forest and then we drove home.

Chiara's Story

Last week I ventured with Franco near the ranch hoping to see some animals. It was a wonderful landscape of uncontaminated nature and endless mountains. Initially we met only curious deer, graceful animals and very agile! In the distance, with the help of binoculars it was possible to see some funny and white Mountain Goats and some Bighorn Sheep. Shortly after looking right and left, always hopeful, right in the vicinity of the beautiful Carpenter Lake, we saw from not very far a big Black Bear! Silently we were admiring its beauty and its reactions. The bear dug with his strong legs and claws in search of succulent foods. We remained for thirty minutes watching him, then just as we approached by car, the great and large animal departed quickly. With great satisfaction, we went back to the ranch.

Jessica's Story

Last week, Philipp, Florence and I went with Franco into the wilderness. At 5 o'clock we started to drive. We searched and searched and for a long time we saw nothing. And then we saw our first animal. It was a flying Bald Eagle. We had just enough time for a picture. Then we continued with the car. I looked where Chiara and Belinda had seen the day before a Black Bear, but saw nothing. During our travel along the lake, we saw still more animals; three Big Horn Sheep on the road, three Mountain Goat on the other side of the lake and some Mule Deer. After two hours we took fifteen minutes break. On the wildlife drive, we talked about the whole world, because Franco loves to communicate. After the break we started on the way back home. As soon as we were back on the road, there he was!! The sweet Black Bear. For some minutes, we admired and took pictures of the Black Bear. And then at once, we saw the bear moving. He had heard something, but could not see it. It was a car that sped past. As the bear saw the car he jumped in the bushes. We waited a while, hoping the bear would come forth again but he never came so we decided to go. After about four hundred meters the same bear ran across the road. He walked along the road beside the lake. At nine in the evening we were back on the ranch again and then went to sleep.

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