Monday, May 23, 2016


Peewee Barrel Racing at Dead Man's Creek Rodeo

When I think of a rodeo I always imagine it to be full with strong cowboys riding big bad bulls. However, when Chilcotin Holidays went to Dead Man's Creek Rodeo it all seemed much more like a family event than I ever expected it to be. It was a hot and beautiful day to spend outside in the sun.

There were children everywhere and they were included in many different fun activities, one of them being the Peewee Barrel Race. The children that participated in this category were probably not older than six years and I must confess I was a little bit concerned for them on all those really tall horses. But there was no reason for worrying. The horses never really went faster than a trot and it looked more like a fun activity than a serious competition. At one point a really young cowboy and his cute little brown pony, that was hardly taller than the child, walked into the small arena. They went around the three white barrels in what could hardly be described as a light trot and received as great of an applause as everybody else. Even though it was all very cute and fun, some of them already showed some talent in this sport and I believe they might continue it in the future. Some of them however seemed to be a little bit scared to be sitting on those high horses and performing in front of the audience, but in the end nothing happened and it was all great fun for everybody. All the children there were so excited to be participating in the barrel race and it certainly put a big smile on everybody's face.

I found the Peewee Barrel Race the best part because it was cute seeing all these small cowboys and cowgirls riding around on their horses and receiving the same applause as all the adults. It was really great to see everybody included in the rodeo in every way possible. It was a great experience for me to visit such a traditional rodeo in the middle of nowhere in Canada and I would certainly recommend it to everybody.


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