Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Photographic Journey Through a Ghost Town

It was early in the morning when we left the ranch to check out the nearby Ghost Town with our cameras. Abandoned buildings are very interesting places especially for a photographer.

There are many things that could make a great picture. We arrived at the first building. It was near a cliff, almost falling off, in the middle of nowhere. It has already fallen apart quite a bit and the crooked building through all the trees and bushes was worth a shot with my camera. I personally always like to capture the details too so I started looking around me finding weird, green strings hanging off the window frames and an old newspaper from 1957. I went on to the other side of the building, but to get there I had to climb up and down a little slope. I was more concerned for my camera than for me though.

On the other side there was a rabbit hutch and a little house right by the cliff. I positioned myself alongside the wall of the house and took a picture that showed half of the wooden wall and half of the dense forest that was all around it. A simple picture that is rich in contrast and colour. We continued to another place. It was a very open area where you could see the mountains perfectly. There were two old, broken down cars. I went all around the first one taking pictures of the whole thing and the mountains in the background as well as detailed shots of the interior like the springs of the front seat. The second car was all caved in so I took a picture of the front with the still-shiny bumper contrasting the rest of the dirty broken car. Another great scene was the mountains in the background and one lonely house sitting in front with nothing else around it. It really represented the meaning of a ghost town, being abandoned and alone.

There were a lot more opportunities for pictures around these buildings and it is almost impossible to capture it all in just one short morning.


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