Monday, May 16, 2016

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Views of the Valley­ Ride to Pearson's Lookout

I sit atop my horse waiting patiently for the last of the riders to organize their gear. Mowson is calm, nearly to the point of being disinterested, but given that this will only be my third time on a horse and my very first time riding in the mountains, I feel as though our guide probably made this decision wisely. I look around me and have a little chuckle at just how entertaining (to put it politely) our little group looks. Six riders, all dressed in varying styles and colours. We are a sea of checkered shirts, fleece jumpers and one football jersey, oversized cowboy hats, and hiking shoes mismatched with fancy leather riding boots. A pair of shining aviator sunglasses completes our wardrobe and adds an extra touch of flare. From the outside we appear like nothing like you would expect real cowboys (or girls for that matter) to look like. But the one thing that we all have in common is that we love adventure and are passionate about the outdoors. So regardless of our skill, experience or attire, you can tell by the smiles and the laughter that echoes across the meadow that we are all excited to be heading into the wilderness to explore for the afternoon.

The trail that leads from the Ranch into the mountains cuts neatly across the field, before disappearing into the thick forest of pine and fir trees. I slowly get used to the rhythm of Mowson's steady pace and am surprised at just how effortlessly he follows the trails and the lead horse. The last remnants of snow can be seen on the ground, and once or twice we need to take our feet out of the stirrups to cross the icey trail. I feel about as elegant on horse back as a moose on roller skates but thankfully my trusty steed is much more coordinated than me and he has no trouble forging his way across the flowing Pearson's creek as we make our way further into the mountains.

Making our final ascent to the peak, the ground beneath us changes, and the horses hooves kick up a light shower of dust. We break through the last line of trees and emerge into a clearing, looking down the valley towards Carpenter Lake. From this vantage point you can begin to understand the sheer size of the South Chilcotin Mountain Park and it strikes me just how remote the location of the ranch truly is. It is an absolutely stunning vista that greets us, looking past Pearson and Mowson Ponds to see the lake sweep through the valley and off into the distance. We dismount our horses and it's not long before the urge to take a selfie or two hits the group. We might be adventurers but we still come from the age of technology after all. So while we soak in the views of the afternoon sun turning the snow capped mountains a beautiful golden colour, we also take a few happy snaps to add to our growing album of unbelievable views.

Chilcotin Holidays

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