Sunday, May 8, 2016

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Wildlife Viewing

I recently arrived at Chilcotin Holidays from France and was lucky enough to go Wildlife Viewing with our local wildlife enthusiast Franko. We are in the middle of April, a large part of the snow has melted and we are able to enjoy some hot afternoons. Now is a great time to start to keep an eye on the tracks of the wildlife. Ready? Take your binocular, your camera and your pack meal and jump in the car with Franko.

It's the begining of the evening and we leave Chicoltin Holidays Ranch for a ride on the road to check the migration of the wildlife. Here we can see some deer, bighorn sheep, bear, mountain goat and more. Yes we can see them but we must look for them.

We start along the road and Franko tells us where to look and which animal we might see if we are lucky. We keep a really slow speed to make sure we have time to check every place and sometimes we stop and park the car to double check the side of the mountain with greater attention. We have with us a wildlife tracking sheet, to keep the information of where, when and which animal we see. Franko does this trail every day to check the population of wildlife.

We are getting closer to the turning of the road near Marshal creek and a bigger rock mask the next part of the hill.

– “Guys, be careful, usually some bighorn sheep stay on this part of the hill, open your eyes and check on the left.”
– “Yes”
– “Look close to the log”
– “Three, no, four”
– “Three females and one young”

It was the good timing, good weather and a beautiful view during our wildlife viewing expedition.

Have you ever seen bighorn sheep before? They are a strong wild animal, when they fight together, the noise of the clash of their horn is impressive. Maybe we can see them tomorrow evening. We get back on the road again and try to see if we find the illusive animal. After some kilometers, we stop to check the mountain on the other side of Carpenter Lake, there is some snow and in the distance we are looking for mountain goat. They are not easy to spot immediately, as their white fur can be masked by the snow. But soon, on the rock, we see something white moving!!

It is a Mountain goat, with its beautiful white fur. Mountain goats can live at 3000 meter in the mountain. We must to use our binoculars, but if we focus, we can see three adults and one baby. It was a great evening! It doesn't matter if you see animals for the first time or not, it's always a pleasure to see the wildlife roaming freely in the South Chilcotin Mountain Park. Thanks Franko for the ride and your stories about the animals.

Chilcotin Holidays

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