Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Bringing the Horses to the Summer Range

Everybody deserves a summer vacation, even horses. So when it was finally time for them to go grazing on their summer range they must have been ecstatic. We started early in the morning choosing horses for everybody to ride and lead and getting them ready. The horse I got was called Blue. He had soft, greyish and white coat with a blue shimmer and a very gentle character. He did not move throughout the time I was saddling him he just stood there and let me do my job. When we were all ready and up on our horses the lead horses were distributed, however, I did not get one to lead, which was fine for me. Our trip first followed the main road but we turned onto a dirt road after a short while. On the trail we could trot but since I was at the back end of the line and it was a little dusty, however, it was still enormously enjoyable to trot and feel the wind blowing through my hair. The trail carried us through a forested area as the sun shone down on us. I remembered I forgot to put suncream on but I did not care about that anymore right then. We entered an old logging road where Burdock was removed the weeks before in order to keep the horses from spreading the seeds of that invasive plant species. That road was a little steep sometimes and we had to lean forward and grab the mane of our horses to make it easier for them. It was amazing to feel all the effort the horse was making to get up that road. After some time we entered a more green area. It was a beautiful addition to the amazing mountainous view we had throughout the whole ride. After about 2 hours we made it to the place and we saw the white Chilcotin Holidays van waiting to bring us home again. We took all the saddles and bridles off and released the horses into the wild to graze. It was a beautiful ride and the weather was sunny and hot.

A week later, however, some of the horses came back to the ranch waiting to be fed with tasty hay. I guess they like it very much here on the ranch.


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