Tuesday, June 7, 2016


How to make a bed of Conifer Boughs

Last Wednesday we had a unique opportunity to learn survival skills with Nick in bushcraft and spend the night sleeping in the wilderness. Nick taught us about many aspects of how to survive in the wilderness and among them, we learnt how to make a bed of conifer boughs.

The first thing we did to make and prepare the bed in the wilderness was to choose dense, green and good spruce boughs. The branches had to be medium sized, although we migt have chosen larger ones if we had wanted to mkae a big bed, and honestly, the trees around us were dense enough to make it, but we decided to make anormal size bed given that it was our first time.

The branches from conifers (pines, firs) were ideal because these had very dense branches. Nick emphasized the importance of choosing branches that are dense because the more conifer needles we had the better and more comfortable our bed was going to be.

Nick recommended us to pay attention to the leftovers from the previous users while building up thier campsites. For example, if they built up a tripod, the boughs left from the branches used for the tripod can be very useful.

Once we had this material, we set these branches on the ground. The larger ones were outside with the peak of the branch pointing to the middle where the smller ones would be placed after. To undertake this task, it was crucial to put emphasis on the inulation while we were creating the bed, and to make this possible, we had to create a space under the branches. Nick taught us that due to the compression while we sleep on these beds, we had to put as many boughs as possile until it reached the hieght of our knees.

Nick pointed out that the space made underneath the bed is very important to keep us dry at night, oterwise the contact with the ground would make us feel cold and wet.

This was the first time I learnt about how to make a bed of conifer boughs in the wilderness and I strongly recommend everyone to go out there and try. You will have an unforgettable experience and it will be a great opportunity for your self-development, as well as to learn survival skills.


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