Thursday, June 9, 2016


My personally story about bush craft

Ok, I’m now here at the Ranch for nearly two weeks and yesterday Nick arrived on our Ranch. I think Nick is a wonderful and open minded person. His name for me is Bob, maybe just because he can’t remember my real name.

Nick is an expert in bushcraft and survival, so he gaves us the chance to have a lot of new experiences. We went yesterday evening in to the forest near the Ranch. The whole way to our base camp station, Nick spoke about nature and all the wonderful things we will never forget. Like the pineapple plant or chamomile, these plant have a wonderful taste and it’s possible to eat them directly from the ground. Nick showed us also how we make a fire, because Nick said: “when you don’t need a fire, it’s easy to make one. If you really need one, it’s very difficult to make one.” So he showed us an easy and cheap way to start a fire: you just need a cotton pad and Vaseline, this little thing burns approximately five minutes, long enough to start a fire. But to start a fire you need also a Firestarter (fero rod) and the right wood. Most important are the really small branches, they should burn very quick and when these are burning you can put the thicker wood on it. And you will have your fire!

Nick also showed us that we can use the white powder layer from Aspen bark for natural sunscreen or use the willow bark for a string.

After these little tricks we had the duty to make groups of four people and create our own camp, with a tent and a fire station. I was in a group with three other wonderful girls and we had a funny time. The challenge was to make the tent very comfortable, because two of us will sleep in this tent for one night. It was amazing to see how a normal place in the forest turned into a very useful camp.

Thank you Nick for these wonderful experiences. I learned a lot in this one evening that I never forget!


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