Thursday, June 16, 2016

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The Pow Wow Speech to Rule them all

When I first heard about the opportunity to go to a Pow Wow, I seriously thought it was some sort of rap group that was going to perform for us. Oh, how I was wrong. With the intrigue of the event in mind, I decided that I would go.

The Powwow was held over a weekend and a group of eight would travel through hot mountainous conditions to arrive at our destination to witness this spectacle. The Powwow can be summarised as a First Nations celebration, however the meaning is much more.

We arrived just before the speeches were beginning. As with any celebration or major gathering, it is usually tradition for someone to open the event stating the reasons why they do what they do as well as to explain the history of the event. The Pow Wow is no different, yet the way it is done is completely different.

The First Nations, to my understanding, have a strong connection with nature, culture and family, and these were the topics of the speech before the commencement of the dancing and celebrations.

The speaker was a well-respected elder and chief and the speech itself was a powerful and moving one, straining my ears to listen intently for any wisdom I could possibly collect, and wisdom there was. What I liked about the speech is how it connected the power of their culture, the ties they have to nature and the unconditional love they have for their families. Combine this with a passionate, inspiring and encouraging speaker and you have a spectacle.

The whole experience of listening to these speeches was a humbling one. It is always good once and a while to reflect on past events and experiences, and with these speeches I was able to do so.

The First Nation's culture is one of respect and care and when listening you cannot help but to dwell on these things. This whole experience was a fitting introduction to the whole event and made me appreciate the Pow Wow so much more. Although speeches may sometimes feel unnecessary and uneventful, the speeches at the Pow Wow were a reminder of what everyone was there for and a wonderful curtain raiser to the event.

The Pow Wow was a wonderful experience and I was glad I had the chance to go by Chicoltin Holiday Ranch to learn and grow my character.

Chilcotin Holidays

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