Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Bear Viewing – Three Brown Cubs

A group of guests came back to the ranch one morning after wildlife sighting by car to tell us that they saw a momma black bear with three beautiful brown cubs just down the road in a meadow. Upon hearing this we all jumped into the Chilcotin Holidays van to see if we could spot them before they wandered off. Sadly, we were too late that morning and saw no bears, but that only fuelled our desire to initiate a daily morning bear scouting routine. We began leaving the ranch at 6 am every day with a small group of people, driving quietly down the old roads where we were expecting the momma bear to be. Of our efforts we managed to see her one more time, jogging across the road with her cubs. Her cubs were so beautiful! Already so big and a deep mocha brown color. I had never seen black bear cubs before of such a color, but apparently it is normal that cubs are sometimes born with a brown or beige color and either darken as they age or stay that color into adulthood. And then there is also the elusive Kermode bear, or Spirit bear, found only in specific locations in BC of the whole world. Although genetically a black bear, they have a recessive gene mutation that makes their fur a beige-white. It is really amazing to see such a diversity of wildlife, even within one species!

Despite only seeing the momma bear that one more time, our wildlife scouting adventures were worth it in so many other ways. We saw so many other wildlife species, from grouse and rabbit to mule deer and bighorn sheep. One morning we stopped at a roadside meadow and couldn't help but explore by foot. We found a road so old that it was barely more than a game trail anymore, and followed that until there was nothing left to follow, at which point we scrambled up to a ridge that awarded us the most amazing view. We could see Gun Lake and Carpenter Lake, and meadows with wildlife grazing. It was the most amazing vantage point that we discovered. Explorer's Lookout will be remembered as one of our many awesome adventures here at Chilcotin Holidays.

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