Friday, July 15, 2016

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Bralorne’s Ghost Town – The life of a Miner

We recently travelled to Bralorne’s ghost town. The town of Bralorne used to be a booming mining town. Now, there are about 15 residents, living mainly in the first half of the town. The second half is all the old houses that the miners lived in, and along the drive to, through and beyond Bralorne you can find old houses tucked into the trees off the road, slowly being reclaimed by mother earth. We stopped at a few of the fascinating old structures and explored the history that remained. Artifacts abound, and interesting hints about the old lifestyle were nestled in every corner if you knew how to look. I found an impressively preserved newspaper from 1957 tucked in behind some of the wall panels that had come loose – did they use it there for insulation? Did they sit at the window on a Sunday morning reading the morning news to the sound of the wild creek rushing and birds singing? Next I found neatly arranged nails hammered halfway into a wall, all in a row and each of them being individually curved upwards to form a sort of home-made coat hook – what did they hang here? Was it for pots and pans, maybe coats? Did a miner lift a coffee mug from one of these hangers to drink coffee with his morning newspaper? I could easily have stood in one spot in one of those houses for ages and imagined what the life of the miner must have been like. The wood stove over there, the mother sitting nearby watching her two kids play with wooden toys as the father comes home late in the evening, hanging his coat on one of the home-made hooks and cleaning the coal and soot off his hands and face in the washbasin in the kitchen. Rows of jars and cans line the shelf behind the antique oven, and a bicycle wheel resting against the wall in the corner of the room that the father promised to fix. So many small hints of a legacy left behind by a family who never knew they would, waiting for the curious travellers and photographers to discover it.

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