Sunday, July 10, 2016

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How to cut a sapling with a knife (Bend)

Chilcotin Holidays offers various Wilderness experience packages for any kind of interest. Some of the Staff and Intern members of Chilcotin Holidays got the opportunity to join the Bushcraft Training experience. The Bushcraft experience is all about how to survive and act in the bush with a minimum of equipment. Participants receive a full knowledge about how to choose the right place for built up a shelter, make fire without a lighter or cut sapling with a knife.

We started at 6:30 pm after dinner with our guide Nick who has an enormous amount of knowledge about wilderness, resources and safety instructions in the nature. We just went a few meters and the whole group got a bullet of Bushcraft information. One very important skill in Bushcraft is cutting a sapling with a knife the right way. Once shown this technique to another person is quite simple. First bend the sapling with your non-knife hand towards your knife hand and create a bow. After creating a bow take your knife and start cutting at an angle towards the tree. It is important to start cutting at the point where the sapling is bending otherwise there would be too little pressure. Be very careful with your knife and try to hold it securely. With downward pressure on the sapling, sway the knife back and fourth. Remember that you always cut in the direction of the tree. Never cut in the direction of human being. If the cut is nearly finished you have to release the pressure on the sapling on the left hand otherwise it will break and causes additional cuttings. The entire process of bending, bowing and cutting should be completed within seconds.

Even this process seems to be very simple it is very important that the acting person has got a control about the upcoming actions. The acting person is also responsible for the safety of other people who might be also joining this process of cutting a sapling with a knife.

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