Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

Planning and planting the garden

At Chilcotin Holiday there is a huge part of the back pasture dedicated for a garden. Most years it was mostly potatoes that were growing in there. This year we decided to grow more than only potatoes. It is a really big garden, half of it is still full of potatoes but the other half was nicely worked, dirt beds were created and a lot of different things planted.

Before arriving to this result, a lot of steps were needed. The first step was preparing a plan. We needed to decide what to plant where and with what. The idea was to do a permaculture garden or at least going in that direction. We didn’t want to plant the same plant in one line but mix species together. We didn’t just mix any plant with any other plant but tried to put plants that like each other together like carrots, turnip and onion, fennel and cucumber, tomato and basil, cabbage, beets and beans, lettuce and radish and a lot more.

After the plan, we needed more dirt to do the beds. For that I had the chance to get a tractor driving orientation. There is nice black dirt in the back meadows where the horses are. This dirt is very rich and perfect for the garden. After maybe 15 trips back and forth, we had enough dirt.

During all this garden preparation, we also started to plant things in the greenhouse in the idea of transplanting them later in the garden.

The last step before starting the planting is to install a good water system. This also took some thinking and material searching but it worked pretty good. Some spots receive water from the top like rain drops and other will get water from the soil like tomatoes because these plant don’t like to get too much water on their leaves.

We finally arrived at the bed preparing and planting. One evening everyone came to help in the garden, we were between 10 and 15 people shoveling, digging and planting. In less than 1h the job got done. Potatoes were planted, dirt was in the bed places we defined and some things were already planted like the onions and some carrots. The team work was amazing and so much got done in so little time!

Chilcotin Holidays

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