Friday, July 1, 2016

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Pulling Burdock - Itchy and dangerous!

Chilcotin holidays is involved in Wilderness conservation and runs some projects like Burdock eradication in the south chilcotin region. Burdock is an invasive plant species originally coming from Europe. It started to spread out in the region and took over other local plants. This plant has a very efficient way to spread because it stays in fur and all kind of fluffy fabric material.

Chilcotin holidays is directly concerned because their horses are going out for grazing from the 15th of May so it is very important to remove as much as possible before they go out or they will spread it more because it stays stuck in their mane and tail.

I went with some staff people to one of the hotspots for burdock near Carpenter lake. There are two different stages of burdock we need to take care of, the old dry ones from last year, also the most dangerous for now because they are carrying the seeds, and the new one from this year that are still at the leaves stage (no flower stalk) so not as urgent for now.

The priority is to pull out the dead and dry plants carrying seeds. Those seeds are spreading very fast because as soon as you touch them with anything that is not completely smooth they stay on you, especially in your hair.

The perfect outfit to pull out burdock is rubber boots and rain gear without forgeting the hood. I learn that from experience. I didn't put my hood right away and I got 5 seeds, only five in my hair. It took 15 min to one of the girls to pull them out. Imagine the time you need on a horse when he comes back with hundreds of them in his mane and tail.

The seeds also have some small fibres that stay in your skin, so it is better to wear gloves when pulling them. I had a lot of these tiny hairs in my neck and on my face because of the seeds I got in my hair. I was itchy during two days even after a shower, these small fibres stay in your skin.

It is a very important work for ecological reasons. If the spread out is not stopped or at least slowed down there might be other animals that will continue to spread it in the region and it will also grow in the South Chilcotin Mountain Park.

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