Friday, July 8, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

Riding the horses to Larnie camp

The day was hot and the ride to Larnie camp was going. I have been to this camp 3 times and led the last 2. It is an easy trail to follow, heading in much the same direction for the whole journey. We wrangle the horses and saddle them, all the while the list of which horse can go with another when led. There are many horses who will be coming and not as many people so we lead one and tie another to the tail of the one we lead. Early evening is coming on so we hit the trail and expect to get there in 2-3 hours depending on what goes on up ahead.

I start off down the road setting a good pace, Pika is forward and keeps this up all the way. Before long we come to a sandy trail off to the left and opposite a lake called Mowsen. This Mowsen pond is where there was mining operations and as a result, local fishermen told us the fish can not be eaten. The fish are big in this pond so there is sport perhaps.

I lead on down the sandy rocky trail, now heading towards the hills. I remember the trail with every quick step of Pika and occasional looking back to see if the other riders are still close. After some time of winding down the trail, we cross a small patch of water. Pika does not need to drink and walks on through with the lead horses lagging behind.

After another river, the trail starts to steadily rise and views of the mountains surrounds us. Carpenter lake is somewhere down below. A few times we must to stop if someone drops the lead rope or there cayuse is falling behind. The rising of the trail steepens still and we grab the manes of our horses and here and there we come across a mule deer who watches us as long as she dares.

We come down the familiar grassy trail of where we come to Larnie camp and ultimatly send the horses we have ridden and led to graze for the summer or until they wander back to the ranch. We unsaddle and put bells on the leaders and send them on their way.

Chilcotin Holidays

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