Saturday, July 2, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

Western style riding on a new horse

The first horse I rode at Chilcotin Holidays is named Taylor. She is a very nice and pretty horse, and her only issue is that she kicks or bites other horses when they come too close. When you ride her you need to keep your distance with other horses. Taylor is a little funny and contradictory, she annoys all the horses, except one and it’s walker, but she doesn’t like to stay alone. She is also not very confident when she is leading and prefers to be behind another horse.

The second horse I rode was Grey and she likes to be in the front. Grey is a good and calm lead horse. She is a tall horse and would be good for tall people. She is an easy horse and very good for beginners.

Recently I rode Moha, one of our last arriving horses. Moha was taught the English riding style before she arrived at the ranch. She occasionally has a habit of the English style and responds better when you use the pulling method instead of the pressure direction method. She is a very fast horse and one time when we brought horses out for grazing I was riding her and was leading other horses that had trouble keeping up with her especially when trotting.

During my guide school I mostly rode Walker. She is a very sensitive horse and responds even with very soft commands. Walker is also very fast when walking and that’s maybe why she got that name. One time I rode her and I had a pack horse to lead and had to slow her down. She also, like most of the horses, is very food greedy, and she tries to eat along the way all the time. It is important not to let her because after that, she will try it all the time and also with other riders.

When riding a new horse you need to get to know it and adapt to its character and behavior. You need to be very patient sometimes but that’s how it works.

Chilcotin Holidays

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