Monday, August 22, 2016

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Canada, Eh?

All Europeans have a similar image of Canada in their mind. This is due to the travel agencies, which advertise Canada as a country full of huge lakes and canoes, snow topped mountains, log cabins, an abundance of wildlife and never-ending coniferous forests.

I had all this and more when I visited the Chilcotin Holidays Spruce Lake Lodge for a couple of days. Of course Canada is so much more, however experiencing the magical mountainous side of this vast country was astonishing. Looking over the crystal clear lake in the morning and seeing the mountain's reflections was breathtaking. All around the lake there were dark, dense forests and the snowy mountains presented all their beauty to us straight ahead. I had my most authentic Canadian experience when I spent time on the lake in a green canoe. We rowed to the middle of Spruce Lake always keeping the mountain wall in front of our eyes. The drops from my ore formed a beautiful flowing trail on the surface whenever I held it above the water, only for me to sink it back in a few seconds later. In the distance we could hear the loons' eery call, as it echoed through the valley. To our right we saw deer grazing peacefully on the fresh grass. As our canoe took us to the left shore we spotted two white dots in the trees. Thinking they were loons we moved closer. As we approached the shore, The two dots formed into two beautiful bald eagles. Both took off, spanning their wide wings over the lake and gliding away.

Another adventure led us into snowy alpine terrain, with clear creeks and tundra meadows. Riding through the spruce forests filled my nose with the sweet smell of Christmas. We were high enough for there to still be a few patches of snow here and there. Marmots were whistling and keeping us company as we arrived on the Eldorado plateau. From the plateau we had a 360 degrees panoramic view of all the surrounding mountains. Mountain Goats were demonstrating their impressive climbing abilities on the slopes next to our trail.

Pictures and words can never be enough to describe the whole magical experience Spruce Lake has to offer. While floating on the crystal clear lake, looking upon the massive snowy mountains and hearing the loon all I could think was “Canada, eh?”.

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