Monday, August 29, 2016

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Fishing for Bull Trout

One part of the one week Angling Guide Program of Chilcotin Holidays is fishing in ponds and lakes which are not far away from the ranch. This offers the students to implement their theoretical experiences learnt in the lessons to real life fishing processes.

One day we decided to fish for hard fighting bull trout in Carpenter Lake. This species of fish can reach a weight of 12 to 15 pound and a length of 85 to 120 cm. At this time of the year Carpenter Lake has a very low water level. It seems like Carpenter Lake isn't a lake but resembles a stream with many branches. Finding catchable fish in such a scenario demands a lot of experience from a sports fisherman, due to the fact that just a few hot spots are available for fishing.

Bull trout live in a wide variety of habitats, small streams, large rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Cold, clean water is an important requirement. Typical bull trout systems are relatively undisturbed and contain natural flows, stable channels, clean gravel, deep pools, lots of cover, clear access to spawning, rearing and over-wintering sites. A supply of groundwater at spawning sites benifts the eggs by providing oxygen and preventing freezing during severe winters.

Equipped about bull trout habitat we had to find spots where creeks or streams are entering Carpenter Lake. Those “Hot Spots” provid perfect conditions for bull trout due to the abundance of clear and oxygen-rich fresh water.

After 1/2 hour drive along the road with a beautiful view next to Carpenter Lake we found a perfect spot. A creek was entering Carpenter Lake with fresh and clear water. We prepared our fly and spin fishing rods and made our first casts. Luckily all of our group members had enough space for fishing from the shoreline. At the beginning we could not get any bull trout and we changed our tactics. Now, we tried to catch them with heavy black streamers and colourful big sized spinners. Both tactics, black streamer and colourful spinner were the key to success. With nearly every cast everyone of our group members hit a bull trout. We recognized that the bull trout is just waiting for food at the bottom of the lake. It seems to be that they are very lazy and energy efficient.

At a certain point I stopped counting all the bull trout we caught and released. It must have been about 30 to 40 bull trout. Suddenly after one hour of fishing all the fuss was over. Again we tried to change our tactics but it seemed that the trout were spooked and no longer catchable. Also, very remarkable, was the fact that we caught quantity and not quality. That means our biggest bull trout, on this fishing day, was about 6 pounds and 85 cm. Unfortunately the bigger ones were not interested in our lures or they were not at this spot. However, one thing is certain. It was a wonderful fishing day with a lot of bull trout reeling action surrounded by an awesome landscape.

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