Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

Guide School - Past Students as Teachers

I took part in the Guide School of April 2015 when I was still a novice on a horse. I learned everything one needs to know to be a horse-based guide in the mountains. After I accomplished the course I spent all of last summer guiding guests in the Chilcotin Mountains. Since then I couldn't wait for this new season and to get back on my horse again. The first Guide School started at the end of April and was my first guiding of the season as an instructor. I taught everything I had learned one year before to these new students, some of whom were going to stay at the ranch afterwords to become guides themselves. When you guide guests in the bush, you are confident that you know what you're doing, and don't think anymore "how do I tie this knot?", "how do I saddle my horse?", "what's for breakfast today?" or "How much food do I need to bring?". Everything is so instant and natural. So when you have to explain all those things to someone else, you have to think again. You take a group of people who never shoed or packed or even rode a horse before and you have to teach them everything they need to know in one or two weeks. During the winter months before the season I didn't do any of that so I was a bit afraid I would forget something but in the end, everything was running well and by the end of the first week at the ranch my students were ready to go for one week into the bush to put into practice everything they had learned at the ranch: ride a horse while leading a packorse, pack a horse (several actually), take care of the horses at camp, cook, set up the camp, make a fire... When we came back from the bush, I had the feeling that I took a new step in my life: to not only be a leader for guests but also the leader of new guides.

Chilcotin Holidays

About Chilcotin Holidays

We are a licensed guide outfitter and we conduct guided wilderness adventures throughout our 5,000 square km operating area. This guide area has been operational since 1880, making it the oldest in British Columbia. More about us HERE.

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