Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

Log fence building in the bush

Another day at the Chilcotin Holiday's Ranch – another day of experience.

This morning we got up early and prepared all stuff we need to build a fence with heavy logs in the bush. For building a log fence it is recommended to pack the following equipment into the back of a car: Chainsaw, Chainsaw fuel and oil, axe, safety equipment for chainsaw operation, gloves, log carrier and water. That's it.

Before we started to sort and search all the logs we need to build up the fence in the bush, we had a closer look at the area we were going to operate in for the next upcoming hours. We made a plan in which direction the log fence should go through the bush. After making a plan we had to look for 44 big logs which you can only carry with two or three men. Some of the logs were already lying just a few meters away from where we want to build up the fence; others were lying farther away from our place. That means we had to carry the logs through a longer distance in a pathless enviroment. This is really an arduous job, due to the fact that the logs were incredibly heavy but it is necessary to use these heavy logs for the stability of the fence.

We removed all the limbs and also carved notches at the end of each log with the chainsaw. After the preparation it was possible to put the logs on top of each other. Each fence segment consisted of four logs. The notches which we cut at the end of each log also lend the fence more stability. In total we just needed 5 hours to build this log fence through the bush. There was one last fence stability check. We all tried together to push the fence down but it didn't budge. Mission -Build a log fence in the bush- accomplished. The result was very impressive. I really could not have imagine that it was possible to build a log fence with only a few things of equipment and the manpower of three guys. But trust me it is possible even in a short time period.

Chilcotin Holidays

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