Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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Pearson Pond – Awesome fishing experience

It was a lovely sunny day about 25 degrees at the Chilcotin Holidays Ranch. So we decided to go fishing and enjoy some beautiful hours at Pearson Pond at the late afternoon. Before we could leave the ranch for fishing we had to study and research all necessary regulations, restrictions and also the safety procedures. We figured out that you can not compare the regulations to those in Germany where I´m from, therefore they are completely different. When you are going to leave the ranch for a walk, a hike or a mountain bike trip you always have to keep in mind that you are surrounded by the wilderness. Anytime you have to be aware of bears and follow the advices which are given by the Fish and Wildlife Branch. If you are going to follow the advices the less trouble you and especially the next sport fisher friends will have by coming across a bear. Being responsible for yourself and others is one of the most important rules in the wilderness.

Pearson Pond itself has just got a surface area of 14.6 acres. It is easy to fish even for beginners and it is also one of the best Brook Trout fishing lakes in the province of British Columbia. The lake has a lush shoreline which offers perfect conditions for Fly and also Spin Fishing. Due to the fact that Pearson Pond has a large weed bed and a muddy bottom it is recommended to fish by boat. Other techniques such as Wader or Shore Casting aren't the best options for fishing at Pearson due to the muddy bottom and the wide weed bed. Under these circumstances we also had to prepare the trailer with the paddling boat. Besides the safety regulations for leaving the ranch i.e. taking a bear spray, taking a radio and drawing a map we also had to take safety vests, a rope, a bucket and an anchor.

We arrived at 5 pm at Pearson Pond and asserted that we were the only two people at the Lake. Perfect conditions for fishing. We launched our boat, took out safety vests and put all the fishing equipment to the forefront. Before we tried our first casts with our fly and spinning rod I searched for some Brook Trout with my binocular at the surface of the Pond. We had a glassy surface due to the fact that there was no wind blowing.

I just watched about 10 minutes the activities at the surface and discovered a spot on the other side of the lake where a lot of Trout were jumping. We decided to paddle to this spot, anchored and made the first casts. Surrounded by mountains with snow on the top, eagles who were hunting for fish, beavers who were collecting wood and uncountable fish jumping around our boat, Pearson Pond offers awesome nature. For a sport fisherman like me, who has an experience about 25 years in fishing, there was incredibly beautiful scenery. This is the perfect evidence that fishing is not all about catching a fish, it is all about the surrounding nature and the respect to the species. We were fishing for about 3 hours before sunset started. In total we were able to catch 10 beautiful red coloured, spotted Brook Trout with both techniques, Fly and Spin Fishing. We didn´t keep all of them and released 6 Brook Trout carefully. We followed the advices for the bear safety regulations while fishing and dropped off the guts at a reliable distance from the shoreline. To our surprise the Brook Trout had deep red flesh like a Salmon. Satisfied and thankful for those amazing fishing hours we drove back to the Chilcotin Holidays Ranch. Proudly we told our friends and staff members about this unforgettable trip to Pearson Pond. We surely will come back for fishing in this overwhelming scenery.

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