Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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Women and Oil Changes

“Women and Oil Changes”. You must be thinking: this will be funny. And I guess it is, if you consider that the men at the ranch were more surprised than the women that I, a female, was doing my own oil change. It’s funny how the societal norms and expectations never made it this far out of town. Here it’s pretty normal for women to drive tractors and to do their own oil changes in their cars. In fact, I’d like to say that there are probably more women around here driving the tractors than men. Then again, there are more women here running the ranch than men too, so the odds were never really in their favor. As Kevan says, “The ranch is run by capable, independent, self-reliant women, and men who are secure enough to work with them.” Judging by our gender ratio here, that doesn’t spell out well for the amount of secure men out there. But at least that means we’ve kept all the good ones!

Back to my story, it was just a typical day for me, but apparently it’s not so typical for most people because here I am writing a blog story about it. My car is a beautiful 1999 Mercedes ML 320 that chugs the oil back like nobody’s business. Can you believe, 8 Litres! My last car took 4.2 L. And when you want to baby your car and give it synthetic oil, that volume can really hurt your wallet. But my logic is that in the long run I’ll be spending less on repairing my engine, so if my math is right (and it should be, I’m a math nerd!) babying my motorized baby will save me money and help me feel good about my altruistic self.

So as I stood on the ramps that day replacing the O-rings on my funny European-style oil filter, more than one person came by with a camera. Who knew you could feel like a celebrity way out here in the sticks! But don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head. The only moral of this story is that if you forget the boundaries that you set for yourself then you can do anything. And really, draining some old oil and pouring some new oil in can’t be any harder than, say, baking a cake—right women? ;)

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