Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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A Horse Named Willy- Unfinished Business

I left you on the edge of your seats last time with a tale about Willy, the majestic black horse. After shoeing him, I was called back to him to do a riding orientation on the River Ride. This would be my first real riding experience on the horse that I had shod just hours before. What an amazing coincidence!

Excited about riding Willy, I made all the necessary preparations so I could ride him. I ensured I had a saddle blanket on top of Willy and that my saddle had a fist sized space between the withers. I carefully calculated the application of my cinch and latigo as well as making sure my crouper and breast collar were in the right place. Before I knew it, my saddle was on Willy, ready to ride him in the wilderness over any adversity or obstacles.

I jumped up onto my horse with ease and waited patiently before the adventure began. Whilst waiting, I had made an observation about Willy. He’s a horse who very much enjoys the indulgence of green and juicy grass. He devoured much grass while we were waiting and if we had not removed him from this location, he would undoubtedly have been hired as the Ranch’s lawn mower.

Before long, we made our way to the gymkhana to get used to our horses and again Willy took the opportunity to indulge in the greenery. Despite his appetite, I was able to manoeuvre him through the barrels, over logs and initiate a trot from him, before embarking on our adventure by the river.

Then began our adventure and what an adventure it was! On my trusty steed we descended down into the wilderness, Willy ate, we meandered through the thick forest, Willy ate some more, we crossed rushing rivers, Willy continued to eat, we ascended rocky embankments and as per usual, Willy ate.

My adventure on the “River Ride” can be summed up in two statements. The first being that the Chilcotin Holiday’s guiding territory offers fabulous scenic rides that give the viewer a greater appreciation of the Chilcotin ranges diverse ecosystem, the vastness of the area and the untouched natural beauty.

The second is that Willy is undeniably the hungriest horse I have ever met. It made sense to me then, that I should be partnered with him, as I myself, can sometimes have an unquenchable appetite. Riding Willy made me appreciate horses a lot more and has given me a desire to continue improving my riding skills while at the Ranch.

So, I thank you Willy, for putting up with me while shoeing and riding when you could have easily been munching on the delightful green pastures. If you ever get to meet Willy, be prepared for adventure, lessons and lots of eating!

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