Friday, September 30, 2016

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Photography Trip - Ghost Town

Photography trip to the old Canadian ghost town, how awesome does that sound? I think that sounds like a great start to the day and of my photography adventure! My first impression was really great. Canadian nature looks just like the movies.

On the way from the ranch to the ghost town you start observing the beauty of nature,wildlife, nearby lakes and all the landscape that mother nature created; beautiful British Columbia and the true wild within.

It was a perfect opportunity to experience something different, to see a different culture, the different atmosphere to be in nature and make some great photos and memories.

There was a difference in these old buildings compared to the historic old buildings in Europe. The ghost town shows the contrast between the American/Canadian and European culture. Big Canadian trucks and houses where no one lives anymore but left behind some kind of history in the little town.

The Village was surrounded by huge mountains and a beautiful sunrise . The old cars had moss growing on them and there was newspaper from the year 1954. That all will bring you into a nostalgic mood.

All these little similar cottages in the middle of nowhere with mountains in the background; it's a great opportunity to make some unique pictures!

It’s very interesting to compare that feeling from seavs the ghost town to the European style and historic buildings.
The atmosphere of an old Canadian ghost town is quiet and full of memories. It was great observing the Canadian buildings and the little basic houses in the middle of the forest. Canadians are blessed with true nature and as we can see there was an opportunity to see that, even in the big mountains where the closest town is two hours away and there are still people that find themselves in this kind of lifestyle so they escape to the wilderness, peacefully, without worries.

Europe is blessed with gorgeous types of historic buildings and culture; all these wood and brick houses.

The view is different and the people are a bit different. It’s definitely great to experience the contrast and see the cultural differences between Europe and Canada.

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