Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Practising Horse Packing

All the guides were ready with the equipment in front of the barn and everybody was excited to learn how to take all their gear up to the mountains, carried by horse.

Our guide started with the orientation to explain everything in detail; how to put the pack saddle on properly (imagine that the horse will be walking the whole day), so everything you do needs to be done properly. You need to look for every detail because after that long walk if there is some pressure on the side that shouldn't be there the horse can get sore.
Packing requires good planning. Before you go for a trip with the horses, you need to make sure you have a few farrier tools on hand; at least a shoe puller, a pair of pliers and a rasp. Blankets, pack saddle, special cinches, ropes, pack boxes, duffle bags, all ready for learning how to take care of everything you want to take up to camps and experience the true adventure.

We learned all the things which were necessary to take with us.

Once we’ve finished the whole orientation, we were ready to show our skills in horse packing. Everything seems much easier and quicker while doing the orientation, but once you try it it's not that simple. It takes focus and practice. From my experience, I learnt that it is important to put the latigo through the cinch. Unfortunately, I didn't have a proper look and during my half an hour of packing practice I had to do it all over again. Better that happens at the ranch than out in the bush. It taught me a lot and I got more focus on how every step intertwined.

For the first time I have to admit it was not the biggest success, struggling to remember all the tricks to pack properly, but practising makes a lot of difference and in few days everybody is a pro in horse packing. After the orientation and practice, you learn what you’ll need for a safe and successful trip.

One great thing about this practice is that now I am an expert at knots!

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