Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Forestry Meeting

We all headed to Gold bridge excited,with the intention of learning more about the forestry management and how these kinds of meetings were organized.

It was a beautiful day and the drive to Gold bridge was stunning. Carpenter Lake was on the side next to a view of the mountain tops. Even on the way to the meeting everyone was taking an opportunity to see some wildlife as well.
Upon arrival at the meeting hall there was a very diplomatic and peaceful atmosphere from all different backgrounds, different companies and the forestry industry with the intention to come up with a final agreement from both sides.

As the meeting began we witnessed how one person was talking and the others were listening and didn’t interrupt, waiting to say their opinions. It was very interesting to see everyone's perspective on the matter. The forestry representative was able to show us a map of the different areas that were intended to be logged and asked about the people’s concerns and the knowledge about the specific area that they are going to work in.
Kevan expressed concerns about areas where wildlife species can be impacted or spots where there are some conservation issues.

The major concern from private property owners was the visual impact of logging on the landscape as well as the noise generated by the machines and the logging trucks.

as well as the protection of private water intakes.

These three concerns were part of the reason why the forestry industry has these meetings. We all are puzzled by the system and we all should contribute to make things better when there are some concerns. Having said that, there were situations when the forestry representatives diplomatically reacted during the conversation and the meeting which amazed me in how well he has spoken.

The meeting ended up on an interesting note. Every person knew that they were to meet again to develop ,with more accuracy, the forestry plans of the region.

On the way back everyone shared their impressions and the opinions of things we learnt.

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