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Horse Trimming

Trimming horse hooves is an important task. The main goal of trimming is to retain the proper shape and length of the hoof.
I have spent a lot of time around horses but have never tried to trim a horse. I usually go to farrier to do that . To experience trimming and shoeing of a horse is one of the many great things you can learn at Chilcotin Holidays.

We got the orientation about how to trim a horse which was really good.I got to see points where the horse hoof has sensitive spots, how it all works and how they compare to our finger nails.

The more you can see the more you can understand. Hoof trimming is not an exact science. The more you understand from people that teach you, the more confident you will get to trim. The more confidence you get, the better you can trim.

When our nail is growing we also cut it. So just to imagine where we have a part we have to stop cutting and now when it's nice and has the right shape. That's exactly how I can imagine how it needs to be done, and where the sensitive spot is, to compare to your nails.

I have some great memories from my first trimming orientation. The horse I was trimming named Meg was a bit interesting. She liked to do things in her own way so I also had to learn how to be patient and persistent around a horse who doesn't want to cooperate on the first time .

I also learned new words like nippers, rasp, hoof knife. There are two types of nippers; the thick one I used for taking off the shoe, and I used the thin nipper for cutting off the dead part of the nail. I used a hoof knife to see the line between the part of the hoof which is sensitive and the part which we need to cut and trim.

I've seen farriers do that so many times but to do that by myself step by step was exciting and I felt good about it because I had guides around me that helped me to do a step by step process myself.

The trimming of the hoof was the best part because, you are making the shape of the hoof, it's a nice exercise to get you warm and you want to find the most comfortable hoof shape for the horse.

I successfully completed the whole trimming program, and it gave me a great idea of the work that a farrier does.

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