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The Cabin of Eldorado

In European mythology and legends, Eldorado was a well sought after city by explorers of the New World in South America around the 16th and 17th centuries. This city was believed to have an innumerable amount of wealth, particularly in gold! Also, Eldorado is the name of one of the many campsites in the Chilcotin Holiday's guiding territory. Although not too abundant in gold, the campsite boasts a wealth of unspoiled Canadian wilderness with glamourous panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. It is not hard to see why it's called Eldorado.

With such a fantastic location, it was only fitting that we build a cabin at the location and there began the start of an expedition of epic proportions to do so. Week's and month's went by as the team at the ranch scrambled their minds for the appropriate design. Time continued to pass and a draft design had been used as a basis for the amount of materials we needed. With the materials starting to roll in and the design finally formulated, it was time to make preparations for what I liked to call, The Fellowship of the Cabin.

The Fellowship had a few days to get everything ready. Our preparations were swift and effortless and before to long we were on our way. The Fellowship battled their way through beautiful mountain scenery and valleys to get to the campsite where awaiting us was all our materials for the cabin delivered to us by a helicopter. Once we got there, we made no hesitation to start the project and began preparing for the next coming days.

The next coming days were a blur. With grit and determination we completed each stage expertly and precisely while laughing at any adversity that came our way. Day one we had the foundations laid, floor joices built and all four walls up. Day two we cladded the cabin, installed roof trusses and started to lay the flooring for the second level. Day three we built the roof of the cabin and started the interior design. By day four, we completed our goal and purpose. We completed the rest of the interior design of the cabin, including stairs, and contemplated our achievements by the cabin while eating delicious food and watching a grizzly bear.

This cabin is a great example of what determination can accomplish. The Fellowship was unified by a common goal and purpose and through that we were able to effectively complete our task. Now, we have a beautiful cabin for all to enjoy. It is in a prime location and offers a base of operations for summer horse pack trips into the wilderness in the and back-country ski trips in the winter. Its a place of relaxation, recreation and reflection and will be there for many years to come for all our guests at Chilcotin Holidays.

It was a privilege to be part of the Fellowship that built the cabin. We laughed, we cried, we got many splinters and had many early mornings and with all these things we created a unique and memorable experience. We loved every part of building this cabin and now we hope you can enjoy it and leave Eldorado with the same unique and memorable experience!

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