Friday, November 25, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

A Ride to Eldorado

The adventure from Spruce Lake to Eldorado started early in the morning. All through the cabin you could hear people yelling“10 minutes till we leave, lets go!” Still asleep, I bolt out of my sleeping bag throw on my clothes and I was off.

I made it to the horse corral and met up with the team. We made the short hike to the meadows and climbed up the side of the mountain to fetch the horses. We then haltered our horses, saddled up and made the short trek back down to our cabin. This was when I found out I was walking part of the way. A guide and myself where to share a horse, both taking turns hiking and riding. I was first up to walk with an excellent guide . Pushing off with excitement and lots of energy, our six hour trek was underway.

That's when I discovered how out of shape I was. Thank goodness our guide has an excellent amount of knowledge of the land around Spruce Lake and knows where all the good views are, they were a convenient excuse to stop and take a break to catch my breath. Soon another team member offered her horse and we swapped. I got to ride Scout, a female pinto horse- I have wanted the opportunity to ride her since I arrived at Chilcotin Holidays and this was my chance. Scout is a quick and rebellious horse, likes to take liberties with the trail and would often take her own route. After some quick redirection, she was back on track for the day.

Another switch and I was on foot again. As we went higher up, breathing became hard and my legs were screaming. I was so exhausted, one of our horses- Meg- an older female was also breathing heavier than usual. The guides walked Meg and Meg pulled me up the mountain- I held on to her tail. I was astonished by how hard it was to breath the higher up you go.

To see and feel the change in environment within half an hour and 1000 meters was truly an experience with few words. One minute, I was in a short sleeves sweating and the next I was bundled up in rain gear, a winter sweater, hat and gloves, wishing I brought a scarf- this was through Windy Pass.

Once we got to the Eldorado camp I was awestruck again! The location was breathtaking with views of mountain tops a stone throw away. On route back to Spruce Lake I thought the views going up were breathtaking. The reality is that going down is a photographers dream. I could barely contain my expression of wonder at the sight before me. My camera was flashing and clicking a mile a minute!

Chilcotin Holidays

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