Saturday, December 3, 2016

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A Story that will last a Lifetime

Two days after coming back from Spruce Lake, I am writing this story. Yesterday, I was thinking about what Adam asked me. Did I lose my dignity by falling down? I do not think so. You know why? After every crash, I crawled back up and kept on going and that's what's life all about. During our trip to Spruce, I've been cold, exhausted, hungry and in pain. Hell, even today my arms and legs are still scratched from top to bottom, my back is still hurting, my ankle is sore and I can hardly turn my wrist. Does this mean that I reached my limits? No. I surpassed them. I went to a place of which Google Maps says that “Walking is not available” and where other people go to on horses or by plane, I rode a horse bareback, caught my own dinner, chopped wood and made fire, got to know a real cowboy, saw a loon, a deer and a grouse, went over a snowed mountain top with a bike on my back and followed Grizzly tracks for directions. I've built a friendship with a true Canuck, went free riding, crashed 4 times, and still made it home.

So, did my boss fool me? Were these past 4 weeks what I expected as my colleague asked me? Was the trip to Spruce Lake not always “fun” and did I consider it as “working time”? No, I was not fooled. I was challenged. No, these past 4 weeks weren't what I expected. It was so much more. And yes, I truly believe I have been working. At times, I was tired, hungry, exhausted and even frustrated but never mad or angry.

I find it difficult to express my feelings. Reciprocity is not possible in this case: there is no way I can do the same for what they did for me, but I am grateful and I truly admire them. I can only thank and pay them respect by promising that I will remain humble and that I will pass on this story on to others. I sincerely hope that people will get inspired when they read or listen to my story. This was my Spruce Lake story, a story that will last a lifetime.

Chilcotin Holidays

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