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Christmas Story

I remember this time last year we were so happy to see snow falling down from the sky on the 26th of December. Usually snow would fall around new Year for the first time and it`d be gone by the end of the following day. Maybe I should intoduce myself, my Name is Nele. To everyone who doesnt know where I`m from, I`m from Germany.

This was the first time I had ever seen snow on the second of December. I was so pleased, so happy. Canada is an incredible place, the vibe, the wildlife, the people but most of all the nature. Last year I traveled around Thailand and met my good friend Henk. Henk spent 6 months at the ranch in 2013 and told me all about a Ranch in the middle of nowhere with the chance to learn how to ride a horse in the mountians (western style), improve your english and that they have a special program that could help you to find a direction for what you wannt do with your life... I was sure, this is what I wanted to try out and applied as soon as I got back from traveling.

Look at me know, here I am, writing the Blog for you to be a part of our story.
At the Ranch we planned how the Christmas tree should look and went together on a hiking tour through the forest to find the perfect Christmas tree. In the barn we found some lights and Christmas balls in every color you can imagine.

At the staff house we already had an abstract, wooden christmas tree. It was made by Isabel, she took broken branches from the ground in all kind of lengths, tied them together with a string and voila. The decoration for this tree are all Disney princesses from the Kinder-surprise-egg , but that's cute.

The day before Christmas eve we prepared all kind of decorations, music, christmas cards, packing gifts, making food, salads, cakes... Think of the smells of Christmas, the fire heating up the room and our hearts despite -28 degrees outside. The smell of Oranges, Cinnamon and Vanilla move from room to room because the cookies are nearly ready. It makes you wannt to sit in the Front of the stove, so you are the first person to eat the warm cookies. Everyone was bringing up stories from their best christmas experiences

Is it wonderful? Yes it is.

Christmas eve we packed up some cookies, hot chocolate, tea and coffee, wrapped ourselfs in the thickest clothes we had and went out with the horses to Mowson Pond. Its a half`an`hour trip through the forest. It snowed and the sun came out to heat up our faces and made everything look like a winter wonderland!

We went to a lake to do some Icefishing:

We learned to take the ax and chop a small hole in the ICE. We also learned with the hand-ice-drill you can make the hole slightly bigger, then place the fishing rod in the perfect spot and wait with all the others around the bonfire. We told stories and Dan the Welsh guy, played Guitar, and the others started to sing. After 2 hours it was getting to cold, we headed back and started to eat our Christmas feast. We played games, watched a movie and celebrated what we had around us.

This Christmas was such an experience itself and I was so pleased to be a part of it.
Thank you all and I hope you had a wonderful Chirstmas too.

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