Sunday, December 18, 2016

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Eighty-Seven and going strong

Birthdays are always a special occasion. The celebration of another year lived but also the celebration of a life that is still living is important. As the older someone gets the more it seems to be celebrated. This is the case for our 87-year-old native elder, Carl.

Carl is a popular figure at the Ranch and when we heard it was his birthday we invited him up so we could celebrate with him. He heeded the invitation and when he came we greeted him with a festive turkey meal and a large chocolate cake. He accepted both with open arms, especially the cake. He enjoyed the night and as always had a big smile on his face and was making cheeky comments to everyone who went by.

As I said, a birthday is a celebration of another year lived and a life that is continuing to be lived. This cannot be any truer with Carl. At 87 he is still living his life as if it is the last day he will live. He is always a source of wisdom, teaching and sharing whenever he can. He has a work ethic that is unrivalled and he still helps with building and fixing things around the Ranch. His attitude to life is inspiring and he always walks around with a cheeky grin. He even continues to guide guests, showing them the land he so loves and cherishes.

While on his trip up to the Ranch for his birthday, I was lucky enough to be able to go wildlife viewing with him. We left the Ranch early and went to some of the spots he liked to go. We saw a lot of animals and covered a lot of territory. I laughed, I learnt and most of all I listened to him, making sure I swallowed up any wisdom that came my way. Then I had a sudden realization of Carl.

He is not a man of 87. He is not defined by his age at all in fact. He is defined by his character, which his age hasn’t changed or tainted. He is a man of integrity and honour, not a man of 87. When you realize this, the age doesn’t become important any more yet it shows you the reason why he has lived to this age. Happy Birthday Carl, and keep doing you!

Chilcotin Holidays

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