Monday, December 19, 2016

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Feeling Sheepish

Canadian wildlife is bountiful in Chilcotin Holiday’s guiding territory. We have bears, deer, wolves, cougar, moose, mountain goats and sheep, but not your regular sheep, the sheep that run around the mountains with big horns. Hence why they are called California Bighorn Sheep. At this time of the year, there are a lot of sheep about as the snow pushes them down the mountain closer to the roads. It is then a perfect time to go look for them.

In the Shulaps Mountain area, there are a lot of sheep, amd in some of those areas, cars cannot get to. That is where our sure-footed Cayuse Mountain horses come into the equation. These horses are like very large mountain goats, capable of climbing great heights with relative ease. With a truck and trailer, the horses are transported to the trailhead. There they are saddled and raring to go. Then begins the ascent.

Winding trails take you higher into the forest and before you know it you have beautiful mountains to gaze upon. As this is happening, you take your binoculars and start scanning the slopes for any sign of sheep. There are tracks and many of them. We continue to follow the tracks ascending ever higher into snowy alpine. The beauty is unparalleled.

The horses do an immense amount of work for us, enabling us to be ever vigilant for sheep. They take us to numerous lookouts where we sit with our binoculars, hoping to see the rugged sheep on the mountains. More signs and tracks but nothing. Oh, well. The riding is brilliant and the scenery out of this world.

After our trip, we unsaddled the horses and put them in the trailer. We hopped in the car and headed home. The drive home is along Carpenter Lake with steep embankments. Long behold, on those steep embankments, there they were, our elusive Big Horn Sheep around twelve of them. We stopped and stood, gazed in the presence, watching them as they went along with their daily business. What a privilege!

The lesson from this experience is that Big Horn Sheep are sneaky, as well as you need to be prepared for nature to not be in the places you expect them to be. This whole experience has once again given me a strong appreciation for Canadian wildlife.

Chilcotin Holidays

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