Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

Finding Motivation

At times in my life I have found it hard to find motivation, particularly in my university studies. This was part of the reason why I went travelling in actual fact and why I went travelling with only a semester to go until graduating. Some may have called it a dumb move, but I stand by my decision because at that time my drive to travel was far greater than my will to complete my studies.

My travels took me to Ohio where I worked as a camp counsellor for the summer. After completing this I went up into Michigan, through Ontario down to New York City and across to the West Coast of the Sates. There I had a marvelous time but knew I wanted to do more and a Canadian ski season looked the best option. I went and snowboarded a season in Revelstoke and after went into the States again to the mid-West where I went and saw some fantastic locations. Not satisfied, I had the idea of spending the summer in B.C, Canada and that's when I found Chilcotin Holidays.

I completed my application and was successful. I made my way up to the Ranch and arrived not really knowing what to expect but excited by the prospect of working on a Ranch and doing something I have never done before, and that's what I got.

At this stage I would say my motivation was still missing, but how an environment can change that quickly. My first two weeks were like a limbo period, not sure what my purpose was and finding out quickly that people who had no purpose didn't last long. The fact is back home, I wasn't my own boss and because that I lacked motivation. This realization became very apparent to me in my first two weeks. I was comfortable with being mediocre and not striving for success. I wasn't motivated.

Not being content with this, I worked my butt off. I reflected on myself and my life and realized the person I wanted to be was not the one I was being. So what did I do? I found motivation. I had ideas of things I wanted to do and I went after those ideas. I was no longer a bystander with my head stuck in the ground, I was breathing fresh air.

I have accomplished a lot of my interests, goals and purposes since I have been here at the Ranch and I am very proud of that, but still I strive to do more and more now. Motivation is now my sword which I brandish, wildly swinging it in all directions. So, my plans now are many and numerous and when I get back home, you know what the first thing I will be doing is? Finishing my university studies.

Chilcotin Holidays

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