Monday, December 5, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

First Snow

Being from South America definitely has its advantages in terms of weather, since it is never too cold. However, it has always been my dream to see and experience snow. So I decided to move to one of the coldest countries in the world... Canada!

Once in Canada, I decided to move to Gold Bridge, BC and work for Chilcotin Holidays, which is a Guest Lodge that is surrounded by mountains and amazing lakes. The experience of living close to nature is unbelievable, since there are no traffic jams, nor pollution and there are always new places to go.

After 3 months, fall arrived and from that moment on, it just started to get colder and colder every day. This did not bother me at all because I knew that snow was coming soon. I was just really excited and ready to see it.

The mountain tops started to get white and I have to tell you, they look absolutely beautiful, they look like a perfect picture for a post card.

One morning I woke up and the first thing that I noticed was that everything was bright, which was strange after so many dark and rainy days. I took a peek through the window and there it was... Snow! It was amazing, everything was pure white, all the pines around the cabin were covered by snow and the sky was blue and the sun was shining.

I raced out the door and laid on the ground to make a snow angel. The feeling of the snow falling on my face was just incredible. I could not resist but to build a snowman and look around to admire the white landscape.

The most exciting part about this experience was to see different tracks of animals in the snow: wolves, deer, big horn sheep, moose or birds. Snow is pretty cool. However, snow in the wilderness, was one of the best experiences of my life!

Chilcotin Holidays

About Chilcotin Holidays

We are a licensed guide outfitter and we conduct guided wilderness adventures throughout our 5,000 square km operating area. This guide area has been operational since 1880, making it the oldest in British Columbia. More about us HERE.

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